Whether bachelor's, master's, diploma or doctorate, at Absolventenringe.de we have the right graduation rings and university signet rings as well as university cufflinks for your studies and your university.

We have exclusive agreements with these colleges for the manufacture of graduate rings. You benefit from special prices for your handmade graduation rings or cufflinks at Absolventenringe.de

Schenken macht Freude

Guten Freunden macht man gerne ein Geschenk. Schenke deinen Liebsten einen Absolventenring-Gutschein. Damit können sie ihr Erinnerungsstück von uns gestalten lassen.

Signet rings with your logo or seal

We manufacture your individual signet ring from stainless steel, silver, gold or silver-plated. Get your free design proposal here.

Jewelery made by hand

All pieces of jewelery are handcrafted by us in Germany.

Receive a free design proposal for your individual ring

Send us your logo, coat of arms or seal and which ring model you would like to have. We check the feasibility and then create a design proposal and answer your questions. Because asking doesn't cost anything...