It all started with this graduate ring. Three (former) students at the University of Rostock wanted to have their own graduate ring. But where did the idea come from? Long customary at American universities, there are also other countries where these memorabilia have a tradition. This is also the case in Venezuela, for example. The students there, who are always critical of the regime, are quite proud of their alma mater and show this with a graduate ring. The wish was born through this one student from Venezuela, who was doing his doctorate in Rostock.

The arduous path to the graduate ring

But it wasn't that easy after all. The way to the goldsmith was just as short as the answer to the question about a ring with the seal of the university. Too filigree, not feasible! The next two stations were similar. The obsession was almost over by then. A few months passed and chance finally helped. We, the three former students, sat together for a beer in the pub. At some point the view fell on one 2 euro piece with the Schwerin Castle. If that is to be coined, then why not the university seal as well. A dime is about the same size as the face of the intended grad ring. The next conversations and phone calls, inquiries and calculations followed. The good news was that we can work with an embossing. The bad news was the amount needed. Because no machine is set in motion for three embossings or it gets really expensive. From this point on, the idea of founding a company slowly matured and we started to implement it.Absolventenring der Uni Rostock

The first graduate ring with an embossed seal.

combination of competencies

From a purely statistical point of view, founding a company in a team is more successful than founding an individual company. We then fulfill this point with three team members. However, at least two of us already had concrete plans for the future. It was a challenge at first, but definitely doable. The solution was a limited partnership, in which two founders only concentrate on certain areas of responsibility. A lawyer, a business IT specialist and an economist offer a wide range of skills that can be covered within a company. The advantage is that these do not have to be purchased externally. In the meantime, the business plan had been written, the company financing and the division of tasks clarified and the company institutionalized as ViribusFerox KG. However, it was to be another nine months before the signet ring for the University of Rostock was ready.

The demand for further products and product variants quickly arose. That's how we designed the women's ring, the student ring and the cufflinks with the university seal. We have even designed custom-made products such as pins made of gold and silver.

Absolventenring Uni Rostock gold

Graduate ring Uni Rostock golden seal 14kt

In the meantime, we have come a long way when it comes to designing our pieces of jewellery. In addition to the embossing, we now work with a high-performance laser on some coats of arms and seals. This gives us more leeway and is simply better suited for some representations. The graduate ring and the student ring of the University of Rostock are now made with the laser.



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