Cufflinks a question of principle?

It is a well-known fact that one can argue about taste. Why? Because he can be so different. You may not like what He likes, or vice versa. What is currently a big trend does not have to please everyone. And that's just as well.

What does this knowledge bring us? First of all, that there is no all-clarifying answer at the end of this article. Some people, including the author of these lines, claim that cufflinks were never out. They may have become less common in everyday life, but they never went away. But on the contrary. Anyone who was and still is self-reliant used the limited opportunities available as a man to dress with jewellery. The more sophisticated the occasion, the classier the outfit, the greater the proportion of cufflinks on shirts (and blouses, by the way). In addition to the often beautiful design, the background is also a very profane one.

Rectangular cufflinks with club logo on plate. The back can be individually designed with an initial engraving.
Rechteckige Manschettenknöpfe mit Vereinslogo auf Platte. Rückseite mit Initialengravur individuell gestaltbar.

While there is optimization everywhere in the economy, i.e. also in production, savings also have to be made with shirts. There are shirts sold for $50, $60, $70 and up that have buttons of such poor quality that it can ruin an entire shirt. A beautiful shirt button, especially a beautiful cufflink, is a subtle exe catcher. An eye-catcher that tells of a style-conscious wearer. However, and this should be said without arrogance, the quality of the cufflinks should match the shirt.

Unfortunately, you often see cufflinks that I wouldn't even wear on a lumberjack shirt when I'm cutting wood in the forest. Well, it's always worth a smile. Classic case of wanting to and not being able to. This, and it should also be noted, can be quite expensive specimens. If you want to have fun, you can look around for cufflinks at the car dealership around the corner. I once did it with an exclusive German sports car manufacturer because they actually expect quality there. Result: cufflinks made of stainless steel, poorly implemented, of inferior quality (probably Asia) and the main thing is the logo. What can I say, manual work has its price, especially from Germany you can usually tell by the quality.

Manschettenknöpfe quadratisch mit Ihrem Logo in 2,5D graviert

Square cufflinks engraved with your logo in 2.5D

Insight on Cufflinks

So that we still get a quintessence, the following. Whether or not is primarily a question of personal taste and the given occasion. Incidentally, cufflinks have a decisive advantage over rings, for example. They are ideal as a gift as no size is required.



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