let's talk about us

I just want to say something about us. The idea for graduation rings came from three former fellow students in 2007. It then took a good three years until we actually produced the first ring. Every beginning is difficult, but we made it. Originally we only wanted to have rings for ourselves, but this was not possible in such a small edition or it was far too expensive.

Today, of course, the options are more diverse and the prices have fallen. Nevertheless, we have acquired so much expertise in this area over the past few years that we have not had to turn down an order due to a lack of implementation options for a long time.

And we do

We now count universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland among our premium partners. Students all over the world order graduation rings, university rings or class rings for their alma mater. There are many names, but they all have one thing in common. You want a long-lasting, exclusive and individual souvenir of what is probably the most beautiful time in your life. Just like us and that's what we stand for.

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About us. These are Roland, Matthias and Tobi - the founders of Absolventenringe.de



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