Determine the ring size, but correctly

Ordering jewelry online is becoming more and more fashionable and for this you often have to determine your ring size. Given the general development of e-commerce, this is not surprising. The comparability of the Internet offers many advantages and you as a customer do not have to trust the first local provider, but can form your own picture. But in addition to the many advantages, this also brings with it the first questions.

While a chain, a pendant, earrings or even cufflinks are still relatively easy to order, it becomes more difficult with rings. What ring size am I actually? There is no getting around this statement. The Internet also offers numerous solutions here. However, it must be noted that not all variants of the determination are suitable. They simply harbor too much potential for inaccuracies and errors in application. In the end, this leads to frustration for the customer and also for the goldsmith.

What not to do


Ring size adjusted to the thread?

ring sizing template

I always have to celebrate the most with this variant. There are actually dealers online who recommend that potential customers print out a template, cut it out and stick it over their finger. Apart from circles that are not always cut out exactly, the yielding paper is of course not a good tool either. There is a risk that the ring chosen is too small, since the finger "fitted" through the opening in the paper. If you want to avoid trouble, I recommend “hands off” in the truest sense of the word.


Another classic that cannot be recommended. The string should be wrapped around your finger and then measured with the ruler. The danger here is that the ring will not fit over the joint later or the ring will be too loose. I don't want to capitalize on the sources of error when wrapping and later measuring.

Partly recommended

Measure existing ring

If you already have a ring and want to wear the new ring on the same finger, you can use this method to determine the ring size, but.

The band of the new ring should be at least similar to that of the existing ring. For example, if the existing ring is a band ring that is 3mm wide all around and the new ring is perhaps 7mm wide, choosing the same size should not be taken lightly. The wide ring can behave very differently when worn than the narrow ring.

In addition, the ring should precisely measured will. A ruler, tape measure or folding rule is completely unsuitable for this because they are too imprecise. Leave the ruler in the toolbox unless you want to build a house. You should use a ring mandrel or vernier caliper if you have one. These instruments are very precise and ideally suited for this. Any good online jewelery dealer or goldsmith can work with the size determined in this way.



Every local goldsmith or jeweler has a ring mandrel or caliper. You can have an existing ring measured there. But once you are there, you can actually have the ring size determined with a ring gauge. Feel free to tell us what you intend to do and that you would like to find out your ring size for a ring. Then you can also tell us the width of the ring and the goldsmith will use the appropriate ring gauge. Because these are also available in different widths.

order ringma

There is also a Plastic ring gauge, which can be sent very well. This is not suitable for all rings. However, I can recommend it for our signet rings with a clear conscience. For this reason we have included it with us. It works like a finger belt. Simply put together, tighten and see that it still goes well over the knuckle. You can then use the integrated magnifying glass to determine the ring size.

Ringmaß für Ihre Ringgröße

Ring gauge for your ring size



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