The Bundeswehr signet ring gold-plated was once again a nice project. The coats of arms of the Bundeswehr are generally very easy to implement. So these always look great on a signet ring. Same here. A clearly structured coat of arms in the form of a shield.

The beginning

The coats of arms or seals of the Bundeswehr in general and the Navy in particular always have a meaning. The whale stands for example for the very good diving properties. The left half of the coat of arms was taken from the coat of arms of the godfather city of U24. All details are very easy to see. Therefore, they could also be implemented exactly for the engraving. For the implementation we had a photographed template of the coat of arms.

Coat of arms U24 as template

The template was traced by us in the first step. The laser could not work with this template. We then basically proceed in such a way that we convert the drawing as a vector file. As a result, there are no pixels later during engraving. This means that curves are really round and don't consist of many small dots. This allows us to guarantee the high level of detail. After vectorization, the 3D model is then created for approval.

U24 Rendering 3D Modell

True Sealords wear gold. Even though the model was intended for 925 sterling silver, we still made the whole thing in gold. The result is amazing and even more appealing to every seafarer.

U24 Rendering 3D Modell gold

After approval, the desired engravings were made. An anchor with a gear (40s VwdgR) now adorns the ring on each side. The Bundeswehr signet ring gold-plated for a former U24 driver is ready, at least digitally. In parallel, the real ring was in the appropriate size prepared. Of course, this is done by hand in the desired size.

The result

The ring blank was then engraved with the laser. This is a deep engraving. This can already be seen well in the model. After the coat of arms is engraved, the ring is hard gold plated. We are working here with a thickness of 40 μm. For comparison, normal gold plating is about 5 μm. Our rings are therefore very durable and well suited for everyday use.

Last but not least, the ring is finally polished. The result speaks for itself...

Gold-plated Bundeswehr signet ring


  • 925 sterling silver signet ring
  • Handmade from Germany
  • Hard gold plating 40 µm thick
  • Tracing the coat of arms template
  • Coat of arms vectorization
  • Deep engraving of the coat of arms, the side engravings and the inside engraving
  • Endpolitur
  • Delivery including soft case
  • Shipping costs within Germany included
  • Price with inside and side engravings: 344€ incl. VAT.
  • Price in 925 sterling silver €224 incl. VAT.


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