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How did the idea for Graduate Rings come about? We explain that and more in this post.
Sind Manschettenknöpfe wieder modern? - Absolventenringe

Are cufflinks fashionable again?

It is a well-known fact that one can argue about taste. Why? Because he can be so different. You may not like what He likes, or vice versa. What is currently a big trend does not have to please everyone. And that's just as well.
Siegelring der Korvette K130 Delta - Absolventenringe

Seal ring of the Corvette K130 Delta

As always, this ring is of course handmade in Rostock and is made of solid 925 sterling silver.
Siegelring Bundeswehr vergoldet - Absolventenringe

Gold-plated Bundeswehr signet ring

The coats of arms or seals of the Bundeswehr in general and the Navy in particular always have a meaning. The whale stands for example for the very good diving properties. The left half of the coat of arms was taken from the coat of arms of the godfather city of U24.
Wie ermittelt man die Ringgröße? - Absolventenringe

How do you determine the ring size?

Ordering jewelry online is becoming more and more fashionable and for this you often have to determine your ring size.
Der Absolventenring der Uni Rostock - Absolventenringe

The graduate ring of the University of Rostock

It all started with this graduate ring. Three (former) students at the University of Rostock wanted to have their own graduate ring. But where did the idea come from?