A signet ring of the Corvette K130 Delta was actually long overdue. After speedboats, frigates and a few Herres rings, the corvette squadron in Rostock - Warnemünde now also gets its first signet ring from us. As always, this ring is of course handmade in Rostock and is made of solid 925 sterling silver.

The template

For the implementation of the signet ring, we started with the coat of arms as a template.

Wappen Korvette K130 Delta

Coat of arms Corvette K130 Delta

With the coat of arms, the shape of the seal face is clear. It differs from the speedboat rings at the bottom, which are tapered there. However, the new rings for the corvettes are round at the bottom. In terms of implementation or difficulty, however, this is not a challenge for us. The difference can be seen in the image below.

Siegelring 2. Schnellbootgeschwader mit Etui

Signet ring 2nd Schnellbootgeschwader with case

The new signet ring as a design model

After the shape was defined, only the size had to be determined in all dimensions. For this purpose, a technical drawing was created on the computer. On this drawing we have put the coat of arms in vectorized form to get a complete design example. The result is impressive and is in no way inferior to the well-known marine signet rings. Despite or perhaps because of the similarity to the speedboat rings, it is absolutely unique. The natural proximity of the speedboats (and their crews) to the corvettes is maintained here as well.

Siegelring der Korvette K130 Delta

Design example for the signet ring of the Corvette K130 Delta

Individual production

What's next? The signet ring as a pattern is now deformed. Master models are made for the different ring sizes. With a master model can then 3-4 ring sizes be made. We will be able to make sizes between 50-70 as standard. Smaller or larger rings are also possible on request.

Each crew member or alumni can order their personal ring size. In addition, it is possible to engrave each ring individually. There is space for it on the sides and inside. Often usage series, ranks, driving times, anchor (with usage series) or the officer's star are chosen. Ranks as symbols are also feasible. This is particularly useful for PUOs or senior officers. There are hardly any limits to creativity.



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